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5 quick ways to fire up sales!

Delight your customers

Sounds obvious but the key to getting repeat business and referrals is making your customers really happy. Exceed their expectations and you will go a long way towards delighting them. Some suggestions are:

  • Include something they didn’t expect e.g. an additional product or service that has a low cost but provides good value to them

  • Make it easier to do business with you – time is precious so help make the experience of dealing with you easy and seamless e.g. offer online bookings using Stripe for example

  • Ask and listen – if you are not surveying your customers and then acting on feedback you are missing a great opportunity. Tools like Survey Monkey and Typeform are free and easy to use.

Bottom Line: Customer experience is everything!


The vast majority of businesses have a website but how old is it? How often is it found using search engines? Might be time to review it. Every day people are searching for products or services that you sell so get found! The top 5 websites on search engines like Google get 75% of user clicks.

Bottom Line: A good website that ranks highly is a must have!

Ask for Help

If you don’t personally have a strong background in sales then get some help. You can’t know everything! Chances are you get help doing your tax right (if not then check it our Taxman Paul Sallis)? Why wouldn’t you do the same for the heart of your business which is making sales? We can help directly through training, consulting or even being your part-time General Manager but you can also find many others to help through a variety of sources.

Bottom Line: Use a professional to help you unless you have a strong background in sales!


Don’t be a “me too” business. What can you offer that is truly different? Reis and Trout in their great book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing suggest that if you can’t be first in your category, create a category you can be first in. For example, be the first in your industry to offer a money back guarantee or the first to offer a completely different business model. Our HR partner Harrison McMillan shook up the recruitment industry a few years ago when they offered a pay as you go service for recruitment as opposed to a % fee.

Bottom Line: Innovation is a great way to get ahead of your competitors!

Social Media

Unless you have been living under a rock you realise that Social Media has become mainstream very fast. You can’t afford to not have a presence in some way shape or form. Over two thirds of Australians are on Facebook. You Tube has over 2 Billion monthly users! It is very easy to set up a Facebook page and a You Tube Channel. If you need help there are a plethora of companies that can help you.

Bottom Line: Innovation is a great way to get ahead of your competitors!

Video Marketing

If you do not use video in some way you need to start now. The numbers are staggering and getting bigger. Video is over two thirds of all internet traffic. Here some more interesting stats:

  1. Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. (Unbounce)

  2. To watch every video that will be crossing global IP networks in one month in 2021, you will need to spend full five million years. (Cisco)

  3. 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 59% of non-video marketers expect to start leveraging it in 2021. Further, 92% of marketers who use video report it as an essential part of their strategy. (Wyzowl)

  4. 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service. 18% would rather read a text-based article, website, or post. (Elite Content Marketer)


Bottom Line: Time to get filming. All you need is a smartphone! Get some tips here.

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